Why Shop At Handpicked.ph ?

At handpicked.ph,  we want your online experience to be as pleasant as possible.  This is the reason why you will find all the contents on this website light and easy to understand.  And if you are trying to buy something online, you have come to the right place.  We don’t offer too many products here.  We focus more on Quality rather than Quantity.   

If you are looking for quantity, there are millions of sellers out there in the Internet and definitely we are not one of them and don’t intend to compete with them.  But if you are looking for quality - be it products and/or after-sales services - then handpicked.ph is the place to be.

All our products are literally “handpicked”, used, tested and evaluated by our technical team to make sure they are really practical and useful before we offer them to our customers.  We also make sure that they are reasonably priced and affordable.  All our products are of excellent quality and come with warranties and 7 days easy return policy.

Each product is accompanied with a video explaining either on how it is used and or what it is all about.  We want you to have a first-hand impression about the product and what to expect before you even buy it.  We don’t want you to experience the usual surprise that others get when they unbox the product just to realize that the product is not what they expect it to be!

At handpicked.ph, we give you more reasons than one to buy from us !


Tested & Evaluated

Practical & Useful


Excellent Quality

You may also notice that we offer and present some of our products a little bit different from others. This is because we want you, our valued customers to have a more pleasant experience when you transact with us.  We believe that customers like you, are the very reason why we are here. If you have a pleasant experience, then you will come back to us or better, refer new customers that will help sustain our continuous effort to offer better products and services to our valued customers!

In order to continuously improve on our products and services, we welcome your valuable feedback, be it positive or constructive.  Please leave us your comments by clicking our “Contact Us” page or simply click on this link.