Xiaomi Wi-Fi LED Desk Lamp

PhP 1,797.00





Color Temp. Range

2,700K - 6,500K

Luminance Range

1% - 100%

Flux (Lumens)


Lifespan (hours)

~ 25,000 

Rated Input

100-240V 0.2A


Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz

O.S. Compatibility

Android 4.0 and above

iOS 7.0 and above

What's in the Box?

1 Desk Lamp, 1 Power Supply, 1 Manual

  • Durable, elegant minimalist design fits perfectly into any environment

  • Free Mi Home app for more intelligent connectivity (both for iOS and Android)

  • Smart with remote control through Wi-Fi connectivity; User can turn it on and off, change the brightness, color temperature, automate it with the Mi Home App remotely using his/her smart phone

  • User can set when the lamp will turn on or off automatically and even change its lighting mode at a preset time schedule!

  • Flicker-free lighting minimizes eye fatigue

  • Kid’s Mode protect the eye sight of your growing child from blue light radiation by locking the color temperature to within 4000K

  • Focus Mode or Pomodoro feature increases focus and productivity by allowing the user to customize periods to focus or rest by switching between different lighting modes

  • Read Mode adjust color temperature to neutral hue of 4000K to eliminate eye fatigue even after long period of reading

  • Computer Mode ensures the color temperature range is kept at 2700K which reduces blue light from entering and therefore protecting your eyes

  • A must gift for your beloved child

+ Freight: PhP 200.00 Nationwide
Xiaomi Wi-Fi LED Desk Lamp

Operating This Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi LED Desk Lamp is Very Easy

A Bathroom Scale Measures

A Body Composition Scale Measures

With the Free Mi Home App

What is the Pomodoro Feature ?

Now Also Available at:

Press the knob to turn it ON

Press the knob again turn it OFF

Turn Knob Counter Clockwise or Clockwise to Decrease or Increase Its Brightness 

Keep Knob Pressed While Turning Changes Color Temperature from Warm to White and Vice Versa

How Can This Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Make You Smarter ?

You can do all the manual controls discussed above remotely using your phone and much much more !

Remotely Turn the Lamp Off and On Through the Internet 

Increase or Decrease Its Brightness with Your Phone

Change Its Color Temperature from Warm to Cool and Vice Versa

Choose Any Favorites Preset Lighting Settings

Such as Flash Notify

Reading Mode, Etc.

Increase your productivity by activating the Pomodoro feature.  When activated, the lamp will breathe (flashes briefly) to notify you that you have activated this feature.  Then, the  lamp will stay at your preset lighting mode (ex. Reading Mode) for 45 minutes .  This is your working time.  After which, it will flash briefly to remind you that it is time to take a rest for 10 minutes.  It will then notify you after the 10 minutes resting time is up, so that you can resume your work.  This cycle will continue until you turn if off or change its setting.

Kids Mode Feature

Minimizes the Presence of Blue Light Radiation

To Protect the Eyesight of Your Beloved Child

Using the Mi Home App, We Can Activate Remotely the Kids Mode Feature

The normal light temperature range of the Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi LED Desk Lamp is from 2700 – 6500K.  

Color temperatures above 4000K contains the most blue light radiation which is harmful to the eyesight of your growing child.  When Kids Mode is activated, the temperature range is restricted to fall within the range of 2700-4000K only.  Its color temperature cannot go above 4000K no matter how hard you swipe the screen.


This Smart LED Desk Lamp can be programmed to turn on and off by itself at the time we have set and enter the lighting mode/brightness setting we have programmed.

Share these Features to Friends or Family Members

The phone on the left turns off the LED desk lamp and the phone on the right (Shared Application) can also turn it on

When You Left Your Place in a Hurry and Forgot to Turn It Off

With the Help of the Xiaomi IP Cam, You Can Visually Confirm That It was Indeed Left On

With the Mi Home App, You Can Remotely Turn It Off Wherever You Are as Long as There is Internet

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