Xiaomi Body Composition Scale

PhP 1,699.00





Weight Range

5 Kg - 150 Kg


Catties, Kg, Pounds (Switchable)


Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Operating Temperature



4 x AAA (not included)

O.S. Compatibility

Android 4.4 and above

iOS 8.0 and above

What's in the Box?

1 Scale, 1 Manual

  • A must companion for those who want to manage their weight properly and effectively
  • Better than a bathroom scale which only measures your body weight, nothing more!
  • Gives you 10 precise data points that are essential in proper weight management by using accurate stats via a series of complex algorithms and advanced Biolectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Essential body compositions for effective weight management: 1) Muscle mass; 2) Visceral fat; 3) BMI; 4) Bone mass; 5) Basal Metabolism; 6) Weight; 7) Body Fat; 8) Body water
  • Accurate and comprehensive body composition monitor enable the user to zoom in accurately and make sure that the loss in body weight is the result of body fat and visceral fat loss and not due to muscle, bone or water loss!
  • Designed with a sleek, strong tempered glass, anti-slip finish and safety in mind, it ensures sturdy grip even for wet feet.
  • Minimalist design, ultra-thin body profile, plus beautiful pure white finish makes a perfect center piece to any home
  • With Low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the scale will operate up to 8 months using just 4 standard AAA batteries.
+ Freight: PhP 200.00 Nationwide
How Does the Mi Body Composition Scale Help You Manage Your Weight?
  • It doesn't just identifies adults and children apart. It automatically identifies each family member and can store up to 16 user profiles.
  • With the Mi Fit app, it synchronizes all your data such as body weight, fat %, body water, muscle mass, etc. in one easy-to-read graph- making easier to track your progress and take control of your activities


NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR PATIENTS WITH PACE MAKER IMPLANTS! Results may not be completely comprehensive or accurate for athletes, pregnant women and specially-abled people.​​​​​​

When You Mangage Your Weight, What Equipment Do You Use ?

If You Are Using a Bathroom Scale, It May Not be Enough

A Bathroom Scale Measures

In weight management, fat loss is OK, but loss of water and muscle weight is not OK.  Losing water leads to dehydration, while losing muscle leads to a drop in metabolism which are not the proper way to lose weight.

* Body Weight 

* Nothing More !

A Body Composition Scale Measures

* Body Weight 
* Body Fat
* Visceral Fat
* Muscle Mass
* Bone Mass
* Body Water
* Basal Metabolism

When Trying To Lose Weight

Sample Application with Actual Measurements

Rose decided to lose some weight and underwent a diet program
Rose had a great appetite before the program.  During the program she cut down food comsumption but without doing any workout.  She lost a total of 5.1 Kg.

Rose was very happy that she lost 5.1 Kg. of her weight as measured by her bathroom scale.  Had she used a body composition scale this would have been the whole story.

With the Body Composition Scale, she would have known that out of the total loss of 5.1 Kilos,  4.0 Kilos were due to muscle loss and only 0.9 Kilo was fat!  Such kind of weight loss is grossly improper!  But if you are just using a bathroom scale, you can only measure the body weight and will miss out all other very important body compositions such as fat, muscle, bone and water.

     5.1    =   0.9    +    4.0    +    0.3

After finding the truth about her body composition,

Rose decided to manage her weight now the proper way!

6 Months Later...

This time around, Rose was able to lose another 3.9 Kilos of body weight.  With the help of the Body Composition Scale, she was able to know that she lost a total of 8.7 Kilos of Fat and gained back 4.6 Kilos of muscle, which is good for over-all health!  All of these data could not have been possible if she was just using a bathroom Scale! 

With the Xiaomi Body Composition Scale

Upon stepping on the scale, its Mi Fit App instantaneously displays your body weight
It then immediately scans for your body compositions such as fats, muscles, etc. 
Each user will have his/her own record stored on the Mi Fit App.  A body score will be displayed on the screen with 100 points being the highest.  In the case of the user Rea, she only got 55 points.
The App then breaks down into individual body compositions and displays first which composition the user needs to work on.  In this case, Rea's body fat is 3.5% over the normal range.
Every mesurement is recorded for easy progress monitoring from Day 1 up to Forever!
Share this Scale with up to 16 family members.  This means big savings for the whole family!
You can also share your measurement results with friends on Social Media such as Messenger, Viber,  etc.

Thanks to this Xiaomi Composition Scale, Rose is now Fitter than Ever !

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