Tulip Replacement Filter 

PhP 700.00

Filter Porosity

0.4-0.5 microns

Filter Life Span

7,000 L

Layer 1

Diatomaceous Earth

Layer 2

Activated Carbon

Layer 3

Nano Silver


3 Months

Made by

Weight with Box

0.25 Kg.

Package Dimension

150 x 75 x 70 mm

What's in the Box?

1 Filter Candle, 1 Pre-filter, 1 Scrubpad, 1 End-of-life indicator

  • Operates on the principle of gravity filtration and does not need electricity
  • User installable and does not need the service of a professional plumber
  • Can filter up to 7,000 liters of water (depending on water quality) or equivalent to 28,000 glasses of 250mL before the filter element needs to be replaced
  • Each glass of 250mL purified water costs only P0.03* as compared to P0.5* that is bought from your local water refilling stations (5-gallon bottles) which is at about 16 times cheaper. (*Computation basis: cost of replacement filter element including average freight at P840/28,000 glasses = P0.03; cost of 5 gallon water refill delivered to your door-step at P35/(5 gal x 3.785 Liter/gal x 1000mL/Liter) x 250mL/glass = P0.5
  • Easy to maintain; no need to use harmful detergents. Just wash with clean running water when the pre-filter and the filter candle become dirty and the flow rate becomes very slow.
  • Comes with an End-of-Life Indicator so there is no guess work when to change the filter element

+ Freight: PhP 100.00 Nationwide

  • 3 layer filter candle effectively filters particles up to about 0.4-0.5 microns with its outer Ceramic layer. Activated carbon in its 2nd layer eliminates any undesirable colors and bad odors such as chlorine in tap water. The nano silver in the innermost layer inhibits the growth of disease causing micro-organisms and keeps the filter element sterile at all times.
  • You can be assured of its quality and safety since it is registered with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines and Passed the Safe Drinking Water Test of the National Reference Laboratory under the Department of Health.
  • E-coli bacteria removal: 99.995%
  • Parasite removal: more than 99.99%
  • Turbidity removal: more than 99%
  • Meets WHO standards for safe drinking water quality
  • Can filter tap, deep well, rainwater and river water
  • Cannot be used to filter sea water and other types of liquids in which it is not designed for
  • Cheaper and safer purified drinking water is now affordable and conveniently accessible

Brand/Model: Tulip Water/Replacement Filter

Some Reasons Why You are Looking for a Water Purifier

It does not require elaborate setup, electricity, nor the need for a professional plumber just like the one illustrated above.

1. Have doubts in the quality consistency of existing local commercial water refilling station

2. Have doubts in the integrity of the local water district's pipe system

3. Don't like the smell and taste of the chlorine in tap water

Some Reasons Why You Haven't Bought Your Water Purifier Yet

1. The good ones are just too complicated and expensive

2. The cheap ones have questionable quality

3. Majority of suppliers cannot clearly give practical guide on when to change the filter

The Tulip Table Top Water Filter is the Answer to Your Water Filtration Needs

Tulip Table Top Water Filter

1. Pour into the upper bucket water to be filtered (rain, river, deep well or tap)


2. Its 3-layered filter candle filters the water and with the help of gravity, safe and clean water collects into the lower bucket


3. The lower bucket collects the filtered water and serves as a storage vessel for safe and clean drinking water


4. Dispense the water from its faucet and enjoy the safe, refreshing, good tasting clean water at very low low cost!

3-layered Filtration System for Effective and Safe Purification

Safety and Reliability You Can Count On

Passed the "Safe Drinking Water Test" of the National Reference Laboratory with Pasig River as water sample source

Registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Department of Health of the Philippine Government

Practical and Easy to Maintain


Filter Candle

Tulip Table Top with Pre-filter

The Pre-filter prolongs the useable life of the Filter Candle by keeping out larger particles from clogging the main filter leaving only the smaller ones for the Candle to filter

Easy Filter Candle Maintenance

You will know it is time to clean the Pre-filter and the Filter Candle when the water flow becomes significantly slow.  Cleaning is easy.  Just wash the Pre-filter under clean running water and the dirt and stains will be easily removed.

To clean the Filter Candle, use the provided Scrubpad as seen in the photo.  You may also use a clean toothbrush for the job to prolong the life of the Filter Candle.  As you scrub the Filter over long period of time, it will become thinner.

When you can fit the opening of this End-of-life Filter Candle body, then it is time to change since it will no longer be effective in doing its job.  This is more accurate compared to just following a fixed schedule of let's say changing it every 6 months.  The basis must be due to actual usage and consumption and not purely time based.  A family of 2 will have different consumption as compared to a family of 6.  Using time as a guide is not accurate nor economical.

Easy Filter Candle Maintenance

*Cost Comparison:  5 Gallon Refill vs. Tulip Filter Candle Replacement

5 Gal x 3.785 L/Gal = 18.925 L

18.925 L x 1000 mL/L = 18.925 mL

18.925 mL/250ml per glass = 76 glasses

P35/76 glasses = P0.5 per glass

Cost Per Glass of 250 mL = P0.5

*Cost per 5 Gallon: P35

*Cost of Filter Replacement: P700 + freight P140 = P840

1 Filter Candle = 7,000 L

7,000 L x 1000 mL = 7,000,000 mL

7,000,000 mL/250mL per glass = 28,000

P840/28,000 glasses = P0.03 per glass

Cost Per Glass of 250 mL = P0.03

P0.5 / P0.03 = 16;  Water Refill is 16x More Expensive Than a Tulip Filter Replacement!

*The figures given above are just for computation and comparison purposes.  Actual figure may differ depending on the locality each person is located.

Now, Safe and Affordable Drinking Water is Readily and Conveniently Available !

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